I got the Thule on the VUE!!!!!

I got to use my Thule racks on the VUE. I slightly modified the Thule 889 "Velo Vise Rack pack". If you order this rack, make sure your dealer orders the hardware, part number 7532756, as you are going to need these longer bolts to attach the Thule "feet" to the VUEs cross bars.

If you use the standard 31" bar that comes with the rack pack, it may be hard for you to attatch a second bike carrier. I say this because it would put the second bike tray in the center of the roof. It is hard to access unless you use a step stool or a small ladder. The second reason is there may not be enough room on the bars to fit both bikes. My bike has wide handle bars, and another bike like it would cause them to "touch" each other and not allow both bikes on the rack.

I used one of my old LB50 bars from my existing Thule system. An LB50 is a Thule 50 inch load bar. This now gives me plenty of room for the two bike carriers and a third if necessary. You can see in the picture that I used the longer load bar. I used two of my Thule 529XT trays. I did not use the VeloVise bike tray, that will go on Ebay soon. I like the fact that my Thule 529s both have the same key.

Here is the profile shot of the rack. The real nice thing is that both rubber strips on the VUEs cross bars stay on. You do not remove it or cut it!

This is how the rear of the bike tray mounts to the VUEs crossbars. The hardest part of this rack assembly was these two rear mounting clips. The Allen Wrench provided does not clear the top of the clip and tray very well. The entire install will take about 30 minutes.

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